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  • Cuts before edges become dull (Often hundreds of thousands of cuts are possible
  • Cutting access in small or confined areas
  • Cutting fine wire or leads equal to or thinner than the width of a human hair
  • Cutting fine hard wire (Wire made from stainless steel or tungsten can be cut without nicking of cutter edges)
  • Cutting exceptionally flush
  • ESD protection
  • Cutting leads to a pre-determined length


  • Low price for high performance and high quality
  • Expert application advise
  • Fast, on-time delivery
  • Resharpening service


  • Reliability and consistency of operation
  • Designed for the cutting task
  • Blade sharpness and hardness
  • Smoothness of operation
  • Balance and feel
  • Workmanship and appearance
  • Ruggedness
  • Resistance to rust


  • Different handle lengths
  • Cushion grips
  • Spring opening
  • Smooth operation
  • Tip Protectors
  • Angled cutting edges

The heart of a cutter is its joint, the area that joins the two halves of a cutter. All Tronex cutter models, feature a unique construction that includes four design elements:

Bearing rings are machined into the bearing surface of each cutter body. The rings face each other as the two halves are brought together. In cutter operation, over perhaps hundreds of thousands of cycles, the two halves only bear and move against each other over the very limited area of the bearing rings. Thus the metal-to-metal contact is minimized. Also, since the mechanical load from cutting the work piece is resisted at a near maximum distance from the cutter centerline, relative joint movement, or play, is minimized.
Hardened nut of alloy steel & extended cross-sectional area anchors the joint against movement under the cutting load. Precision machining of the nut insures perfect alignment of the two cutting edges.
Allan head screw with fine-pitched threads allows for perfect joint adjustment during initial manufacture and during resharpening.

Delrin washer eliminates metal-to-metal wear under the shoulder of the nut and reduces friction during operation.

All Tronex cutting tools and pliers are manufactured in the USA. Almost all aspects of the manufacturing of a Tronex tool are performed at the Tronex factory. Tronex manufacturing is focused on precision hand tools; Tronex manufacturing only makes cutters and pliers.

Most manufacturing of Tronex cutters and pliers involves the use of special, proprietary processes and fixtures that have been developed by Tronex Technology, Inc. during the course of its 22-year history. Also the manufacturing process at Tronex is highly flexible, allowing production to be changed from one model to another in a very short time.

These very important characteristics of Tronex manufacturing have the following benefits to users of Tronex precision hand tools:

  • High-grade alloy steel, made in USA, insures structural integrity, top mechanical properties in tensile and yield strength, and hardenability.
  • Extremely close tolerances on mating parts are held thus insuring top cutter performance.
  • In-house induction hardening of the cutting edges insures uniformity, conformity, and achievement of 63-65 Rockwell C hardness.
  • Every cutter and plier is individually inspected and individually checked for proper performance.
  • When needed Tronex can make deliveries in a very short time because almost all of the manufacturing is under one roof.
  • Delivery lead-times, even for orders with many line items and orders for highly specialized tools, are very reliable.
  • Tronex is sometimes asked to develop a new tool to meet a special need for a good customer. The inherent flexibility of manufacturing in the Tronex factory greatly aids in the product development process.

Standard cutters, sometimes called diagonal cutters, have heads with simple geometry: oval or taper. Oval designs are stronger; taper designs permit greater access. Standard cutters with full relief have lower profiles than cutters with semi-relief. 80% of all applications for precision hand cutting tools are best met with a standard cutter.

Most precision hand cutting tools have cutting edges at a 15 to 20 degree angle so that there is clearance for the operator's fingers on the handles. However a much greater angle may be desired when access to the object being cut is very limited or when the work area is very crowded. Tronex offers angulated cutters at different angles and with different cutting edge sizes to meet a wide variety of needs.

Tip cutters are cutting tools with long, narrow jaws that have small, exceptionally sharp edges for cutting at the very tip. All Tronex tip cutters have long jaws for extended reach. Some Tronex tip cutters have lower profiles or have ultra fine cutting tips.

All Tronex plier models share two characteristics:
1. A superior jaw in design and craftmanship.
2. The bearing ring joint that is featured with all Tronex precision cutters.

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